Laser Marking Machine

May. 29,2018

Laser marking machines are Mainly classified as CO2 laser marking machines and semiconductor laser marking machines. Optical fiber laser marking machine and YAG laser marking machine .These laser machine mainly applied to more demanding, more precise applications.

Chinese name          激光打标机                                                                    Industry       Manufacturing industry  

English  name          laser marking machine                                           Type              Marking machine                                    

Place of production        China                                                                        Category       Mechanical

Application Electronics       Mobile  Phones Hardware 

Laser Marking Machine                      

Equipment Description

LS-YLP adopts chinese most advanced fiber laser source and high-quality galva scanning system. It can provide stable power output, perfect optical mode, good beam quality and high speed marking, so you can get a perfect effect and high effciency, which can fulfill massive production. The advantages of this unit as follwing : good looking , easy operation, no need material, no need maintenance, no faulty in long time working.So it can meet the demand of industrial continuous work. 

 Laser Marking Machine

Main Feature

1.Adopting integrated structure with Auto focusing technology, and humanized operation design.

2.With high quality isolators to protect the window of laser source,which can enhance stability and increae its life.

3.Beam quality is much better than traditional solid-state laser marking machine.Adopt fundamental mode(TEM00)output , the diameter of    focusing spot is less than20um. Divergence angle is quarter of semiconductor pump, It is very suitable for precise marking.

4.High electro-optical conversion efficiency. The gross power less than 600W, which is a tenth of lamp pumped solid laser marking machine,    so it can greatly saved energy.

5.No need any maintenance, long life, small volume, suit for wokring in atrocious conditions.

6.High marking speed, It is 2-3 times than traditional marking machine.

7.Powerful makring sofrware, it is compatible with file generate from coreldraw, AutoCAD , Photoshop, etc; Support PLT,PCX,DXF,BMP format; Can use of the SHX, TTF font directly; support automatically coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code, 2D bar code, number jumping automatically,etc.Laser Marking Machine

Application Area

It widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits(IC),electrical appliances, mobile power / charge, hardware, tools and accessories, Precision instruments, glasses ,watches, jewelry accessories, automotive accessories, plastic, keys, luggage buckles, communication product, sanitary ware, tool parts, knives,building materials PVC pipe. All kinds of metal(with rare metal),engineering plastic,electroplating materials,the coating materials,spraying materials, plastic and rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics, and other materials.Laser Marking Machine

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