Laser marking machine common problem solution

Aug. 6,2018

When there is a problem with the laser marking machine, if the problem cannot be solved in time, the delivery time of the product may be affected. In fact, although the laser marking machine maintenance is more troublesome, the principle is very simple, and even some problems can be solved by ourselves. Today, we will teach you some of the more common problems with laser marking machines and how to solve them.

Fault 1:Laser intensity drops, marking is not clear enough.


1. Whether the laser cavity changes; fine-tuning the cavity lens. Make the output spot the best;

2. The acousto-optic crystal shift or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low; adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the sound and light power supply 

3. The laser entering the galvanometer is off center: adjusting the laser source; 

4. If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the sensitivity is not strong enough: the xenon lamp is aging and the new lamp is replaced.

Fault 2: There is a long three short alarm when onlineThere are several reasons and troubleshooting methods below 

1. The software does not work, the motherboard is loose, please re-plug the computer. 

2. When the Q-drive alarm light is on, check if the 37-pin and 15-pin are loose, and the Q-switch has normal water supply. 

3. When the laser power alarm light is on, check if the chiller is turned on and the lamp is damaged. (If the lamp needs to be replaced, replace it).

Fault 3: Reasons for not emitting lightThere are several reasons and solutions 

1. The screw of the whole machine is loose, and you need to tighten the screws. 

2. If there is too much dust in the gun body, in order to prevent the gun endoscope from being damaged, if it is found, the gun endoscope must be replaced. 

3, laser power, laser, control card to check one by one and then "the right medicine." 

4, after a long time of work, the laser power is reduced, open the bottom of the gun body, you need to adjust the gun endoscope.

Fault 4: Computer FAQThere are several problems 

1. Whether the graphics during processing are complicated and must be checked. 

2. Do not connect the Internet cable to the online computer. It is a separate control laser system. 

3. running slowly, please do not be too impatient at this time, so as not to crash. 

4. Please pay attention to prevent viruses in case of system error.

Fault 5: Workbench XY axis is not on time 

1. Is the workbench rail screw loose? 

2. The aluminum plate on the workbench is set according to the requirements of the customer. The iron plate or plexiglass plate can be changed, and the aluminum plate can be adjusted under the balance. 

3. The electronic ruler can be installed on the right side and the upper and lower corners of the workbench. The electronic ruler can be installed to facilitate the needs of customers. 

4. The screw holes on the workbench can be used for customer positioning and negated by the product.

Fault 6: Closed line start and end points are not closedThere are several reasons: 

1. The timing belt is too loose-----tensioning the timing belt. 

2. The connection between the gear and the shaft is loose-----re-tightening. 

3. The X-axis guide rail and the Y-axis guide rail are not perpendicular-----Adjust the verticality of the X and Y-axis guide rails. 

4. The gap between the slider and the guide rail is large ----- replace the slider.

Laser marking machine common problem solution


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