LoSpeed Monthly Newsletter-April 2019 comes.Thanks for your attention.

Apr. 23,2019

New Comes! Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine 

Co2 laser cutters or engraver are highly precise instruments used to inscribe,decorate,or make custom logos on acrylic, wood,paper,metals,plastic,and an array of other materials.They have democratized the personalization of items and have given artisans the power to create impressive designs through laser engraving, a process that Popular Mechanics describes as slow and methodical, yet captivating.

Power Option:Ranges form 80W to 130 or higher 

Engraving Area: Ranges form 600*400mm to 1800*2500mm

Applicable Industry:toys,advertising,garments,printing,art,engraving,packing,gifts.

Applicable Materials:a wide range of non-metal materials,like leather PVC, Plywood,paper products,density board,acrylic,non-woven fabrics,cortical,PET,and solid wood.

LoSpeed Monthly Newsletter-April 2019 comes.Thanks for your


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