LoSpeed Monthly Newsletter-June 2019 comes! Thanks for your attention.

Jun. 25,2019

Apoular Fiber Laser Marker Model-Mini Split Type

       Mini split type fiber laser marker is one of the most popular and parctical model among LOSPEED's brand machine series.

The laser power ranges from 20W,30W,to 50W,Marking area is from 50*50mm to 300*300mm.


1.Free Maintenance and consumable

2.Laser Srouce have a lifetime of more than 70,000 hours

3.High quality permanent marking

4.Environment friendly and safe Machinery

5.Works both on Metal and Non-metal

6.Integrated structure,Ready to Use

Lospeed Laser is areal manufacturer of fiber laser marking machine,OEM or ODM cooperation is warmly welcome.

Cotact us for further information if you are interested,thanks a lot.LoSpeed Monthly Newsletter-June 2019 comes! Thanks for your


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