MOPA,Color Laser Marking Solution

Feb. 10,2019

What is Mopa fiber laser marking machine ?

The most popular way of achieving power scalability is the “MOPA” (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) approach. The “MO” produces a highly coherent beam, and an optical “A” is used to increase the power of the beam while preserving its main properties. The “MO” has no need to be powerful, and has no need to operate at high efficiency because the efficiency is determined mainly by the “PA”. The combination of several laser amplifiers seeded by a common “MO” is essential concept of the High Power Laser Energy Research Facility. This is Mopa fiber laser marking machine. 

What we can do with Mopa laser ?

Color marking on stainless steelBlack marking on anodised aluminiumWhite marking on black plastic & black marking on white plastic.

The best China brand Mopa laser source is JPT mopa laser, including M1 and M6 series.

20 Watts Power M6 is best for color marking on SS.

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