MOPA or Q-SWITCH, which one you should choose?

Jun. 4,2018

MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) and Q-switch are the two most common types of laser marking on the market today.

The MOPA system can do all the work that can be done with a Q-switch fiber machine but it allows greater adjustment of parameters like choosing a narrower pulse width, high frequency rate with short duration of heat and other parameters that can be adjusted to achieve the most desired effect, for example black marking in aluminum.

MOPA or Q-SWITCH, which one you should choose?

MOPA presents two main advantages when compared to the Q-switch:

- Color marking in stainless steel

The Q-switch fiber laser marking machine can also mark colors in stainless steel, but its color is not bright and the range of colors quite limited. In this case it can be considered that a beginner operator will hardly achieve this color effect. Even those very experienced operators may need many hours just to be able to set a desirable color output in stainless steel.

With MOPA fiber laser, it is possible to record in color only by adjusting parameters of speed, power, pulse width and frequency. It's a lot easier than on the Q-switch machine!

- Black marking in anodized aluminum

The Q-switch can only make a colorless mark on all types of aluminum. Only MOPA can mark black anodized aluminum. In addition, we know that marking in plastics is complex and some types of plastics can not be laser-marked. Very malleable plastics can usually only be marked with MOPA. It is worth remembering that all work with plastics must undergo tests to confirm the final quality of the marking.

Today it can be said that the Q-switch is the standard system adopted by the market and widely used in much of the industry.MOPA machines are more expensive than the Q-switch laser and in most cases you will not need to use the functions offered by MOPA.

If you have any doubts or want to know more, please contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you define the best machine for your business.


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