Reasons for WHY using a laser marking machine

Jun. 27,2018

Laser marking has become a popular choice in part of marking because laser marking systems are low maintenance, consume minimal power and are easy to operate. With a MTBF (mean time between failure) range of 30,000-100,000 hours, lasers are both reliable and efficient. 

Reasons for WHY using a laser marking machine

F-Theta lens.

Different lenses allow you to adjust the size of the marking area, as many of our customers require more than one.The best lens for your project depends on the marking application and the workstation configuration,We manufacture laser marking systems because of the distinct advantages they provide over marketing systems including accuracy, speed and repetition and they are easier to integrate into production lines.

Reasons for WHY using a laser marking machine

Laser Power

With power levels ranging from 20-100 watts, Lospees Laser's Fiber Laser Marking Laser Series (Fibre) is the most powerful laser marking machine series we offer. They are ideal when your laser marking requires depth (etching or engraving) onto harder metals or when you need higher powered systems with a smaller spot size for the highest resolution. The high beam quality and small spot sizes with larger lenses allows it to be used for smaller component batch marking applications or the cutting of very thin metals.

Reasons for WHY using a laser marking machine

Choose Lospeed Laser Manufacturer, You option never limited.


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